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Rune HeadBall Starter Guide
Author: Goblin
Last Updated: January 20, 2002 at 05:10:04 AM

This tutorial is accompanied by a tutorial map: Grab it here (300k)

Headball is a teamgame. Teams can get points by throwing a severed head into one of the goals.

Now, how to get a severed head? Quite easy, cut one off! Sounds like fun?
Bet ya! It sure is!

The first thing, both teams need to do is to log in.
There are switches in team-color in the map (usually somewhere near the startpoints) which needs to be hit by one team member (hit "use" button).

Hit the switch in your color.

You can see whether the teams are logged-in by looking at the score board.

Teams aren

Teams are not logged in

Teams are logged in.

Teams are logged in

After all teams logged in, a countdown will start, when the countdown is finished a message comes up which says
"The game is afoot!".


Now everything you've got to do is grab a sword, try to get the Bloodlustand and cut a opponent head off.


....pick up the head....

Usually you will pick it up automatically by running over it.


With head in hands you need to get to the goal
(note: on some maps the goals are in team colors aswell, therefore you will only get points if you use the goal in your color!).

...and throw it in there baby!

Throw the head into the goal. If you manage to score, your team gets points.

Yeah, scored!

That's it. Nothing more you need to know.

And now go and GET HEAD!!!


[ Click here for printable version ]


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August 8th, 2001

Sounds like a good type of teamgame...

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