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Major Additions to RuneEd - Zone Info
Author: Dave Halsted
Last Updated: April 22, 2001 at 12:04:29 PM

bTakeOverCamera: if set to TRUE, then the camera sits wherever the ZoneInfo is located whenever the player is inside that zone. The camera returns to normal 3rd-person when the player leaves the zone.

ZonePlayerExitEvent: an expansion of the ZonePlayerEvent (upon entering) that Unreal already had. It fires when the player leaves the zone.

SkyZoneName: You can now have multiple skyboxes in a level, which is pretty damn cool. The only thing is I didn't get a chance to use it, so I'm not sure how it's done, but I'd guess here is where you type in the Tag for the specific SkyZoneInfo you want referenced as the skybox in each particular zone, where applicable.

bFogZone: You still need to set this true if you want to use Unreal's fog balls, but it also applies to the new distance fog we added for Rune. Note that having distance fog and the old Unreal volumetric fog in the same area causes rendering problems, so make sure any fog ball's radius is outside of a distance fog zone.

bFarClipZone: The great clipping plane! Hoo haw! If set to TRUE, then Unreal does not render geometry that is 'behind' the distance fog. Unnoticeable to the player because those areas are solid fog color anyhow, but a great performance gain as far as poly counts are concerned. It occludes actors as well as geometry.

Under ZoneLight are the settings for distance fog: Brighness/Distance/Hue/Saturation.

There are a couple new types of ZoneInfo. CloudZone is used for big death pits where the player should automatically die, etc. ShredderZone makes the zone such that any actor entering it is immediately destroyed. Not with any explosions or fanfare, but Destroyed in the "programmer" sense in that it is immediately removed from the world. The Zombies that are spawned and marching continuously behind the grate walls in Hel3b are marching right into an out-of-view ShredderZone, and the rocks falling in ThorApproach land in a ShredderZone way at the bottom out of the player's view.

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