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All About Movers - Part Three
Author: Lode Vandevenne
Last Updated: October 19, 2001 at 03:39:15 PM

NOTE FROM KAZI: This tutorial originally appeared on Lode's Tutorials. It's a great site, so head over there for updates.

Part III
A door that opens by pushing a button
This will be a regular door, that is opened by a button. The button itself is also a mover that disappears in the wall when you push it, and returns after a few seconds. There will not be used any triggers.

First make two rooms and connect them with a door. Set the InitialState of the door to TriggerToggle or TriggerOpenTime, and set its Tag to "Door". Now add a mover that looks like a button next to the door. Make Key0 the position of the button outside the wall, and Key1 the position of the button inside the wall. Set its Event to "Door". You can also use BumpEvent instead, then the door will open as soon as you touch the button, instead of after its completely in the wall. You should see a red line going from the button to the door.

Now make a similar button for the other room (otherwise you will not be able to open the door again when you're in the other room).

That's it, its done!

The door with buttons

A train with a button
This train will have one button in it to toggle between two stations. In the stations will be placed a button as well to call the train.

Make a large area and make tracks. Then make a mover that looks like a train with a button in it, and let it be able to go to both stations.

The train mover

Set the train's InitialState to TriggerToggle and Tag to Train. Add a trigger in the train, set both its AttachTag and Event to Train. The trigger will now move when the train moves, so it will always follow the train. Sometimes this might give small problems, especially if you give the trigger a small radius. So give the trigger a large radius. If you would have placed two fixed triggers at the begin- and endposition of the train, you would reactivate the triggers everytime you reach the other side, so attaching it is the only solution.

Now also add two buttons with triggers in the stations, and set their Event to Train as well (but not their AttachTag!)

The triggers for the train

The buttons will call the train immediately, even if its moving. This might be annoying in multiplayer, where players will be pressing the buttons on two sides at the same time while another player is on the train, etc... To prevent this you can remove the triggers in the stations, or you can use an ElevatorMover for the train instead, and give it two buttons. ElevatorMovers don't listen to triggers while moving. The only disadvantage then is that you won't be able to give your train sound.

An example map, dm-train.unr, is included in the zipped version.

A wiggling boat
In reality, boats always wiggle a bit with the waves. That's a good reason to make your boats or rafts in UT do this as well.

To do it, attach the boat to another mover that does the wave movement. The keys of the boat itself are the different places it will sail to.

Rotations will not work for attached movers, but you still can make a subtle up and down movement. Actually, I'm not sure if rotations work or not. When I tried it, it didn't, but once I attached a mover to a bird, and the mover rotated when the bird did.

Here's a step-by-step guide on making such a boat:

Make a room or outdoor environment with water in it, and place boat or raft on the water.

The raft

Give the raft a Key1: its position on the other side of the water. Now you have a working normal raft.

Now make a new room outside your map, with a TimedTrigger and a mover inside of it. Set the movers InitialState to TriggerPound, set StayOpenTime and OtherTime to 0.5 and its MoveTime to 1. Make its Key1 a little below Key0 (8 or 16 units lower). Read the section Looping Movers to get this to work.

Give the trigger the Event "Wiggle", give the small mover the same Tag, and give the boat mover the same AttachTag.

If everything went well, it should work now. If you play the map you will find the raft is moving up and down on the waves. It will only move up and down when it's not moving to the other side of the water. You can't do much about that (except if you give the raft more keys), its the way the movers are programmed.

An example map, dm-boat.unr, is included in the zipped version.

[ Click here for printable version ]


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October 23rd, 2001

Damn, i gotta print this! :D

December 31st, 2001

This tutorial is just what I was looking for.

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